An annual preventive maintenance program has been implemented through our shop. This program consists of a complete bumper to bumper maintenance check with all fluids changed and complete chassis lubrication. This is a great starter program to establish a baseline maintenance program on a peice of apparatus. A complete check of all chassis systems is performed by our professional technicians. Highlights include:

• Engine Service
• Transmission and Torquebox service
• Pump Service including Packing Adjustment
• Electrical Systems check and load testing
• Full body inspection

We understand the appeal of our competitors offering "Complete chassis service at your location". However, while this would be sufficent for an over-the-road truck, it is not acceptable for an emergency vehicle. We have the capabilities to lift vehicles, including aerial platforms and tillers, in excess of 100,000 pounds anywhere in the shop. We at Wirfs believe that servicing units in the field is not the answer for a through service, and only a temporary relief in maintenance costs. You will find that servicing units in the field will actually cost more in a 2 to 3 year period compared to having the units picked up at your location and brought in for the correct method of inspection and service. We are proud of the fact that we can put seven trucks in the air at one time and provide a complete inspection of the chassis and pump that is virtually impossible to inspect on the floor.

To cut down on the cost of additional manpower required to transport you vehicle to and from our service center, we are offering assistance. We can transport your driver back to your facility and after the vehicle is serviced, provide pickup of your driver from your location and transport him to our facility. This service will be provided free of charge on all vehicle services and major repairs.

E-mail or call us for more information.